All lettings are subject to satisfactory references being received and approved by our clients. These references are usually obtained through a credit referencing agency and are taken from a prospective tenant’s bank, employer or accountant, and present landlord or other personal reference. There is a charge of £150.00 per person, including guarantor/s if applicable, taken as a non refundable holding deposit. This includes the cost of a reference (£50.00+VAT per person) and must be paid within three working days of an offer being accepted. References cannot be taken up until the holding deposit has been received.

If details for the reference procedure are not supplied to Pilgrims within five working days from the receipt of the holding deposit, it will be assumed that the tenant does not wish to proceed with the tenancy, in which case the holding deposit will be forfeited and the property put back on the market. In the event that the Tenancy does not go ahead because the Tenant withdraws the offer or the references fail, the balance of the holding deposit will be retained to cover administration costs.

The following costs and advance payments are required from the Tenant before occupation:- 

  • One month’s rent in advance
  • One and a Half Month’s Rent Deposit
  • Legal Fees - £100 (plus V.A.T.) for issuing Tenancy Agreement
  • Check-in and Administration Fee – From £85 (plus V.A.T.)

These initial payments must be made not less than 10 days before the tenancy commencement date, otherwise a bank draft or bank transfer will be required. We regret that we are unable to accept payment in cash. A detailed invoice will be issued prior to the commencement of the tenancy and the balance of the holding deposit (after payment of references) will be deducted from the total amount due.

Insurance – as you could be liable for any damage that you may cause to your landlord’s property you may wish to take out a tenants’ insurance policy. Once successful references have been obtained, you will be contacted by the insurance department of the referencing company to discuss this further.

Service accounts – i.e., gas, electricity, telephone and water – are the direct responsibility of the Tenant. The relevant authorities will be informed of the new tenancy with dates and meter readings. Local Authority Council Tax is also the responsibility of the Tenant.

The Agreement signed by the Landlord and the Tenant is binding upon both parties and it is not possible to break it before the expiration of the term unless the Agreement so provides. In the case of a shared tenancy all signatories to the Agreement are jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent. In a sharing situation, if one of the sharers leaves the property, the remainder are responsible for payment of rent in full. Tenants are requested to pay their rent by standing order.

There is a charge of £70 (plus V.A.T.) payable by the Tenant in the event that the tenancy is renewed or other legal documents are issued such as a Licence to Assign.